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Tired of BEGGING your Cleaning Company to just DO THEIR JOB?

If so... then please read on!

The VAST majority of cleaning companies start off GREAT then slowly but surely starts doing the EXACT SAME THINGS that got the last company FIRED.

Of course this can be extremely frustrating for a Customer who just wants to hire someone that knows how to get things done right (the first time).

This generally happens because most cleaning companies suffer from a variety of problems. The most common ones fall under the following titles:

  • Poor Supervision
  • Lack Of Training
  • No Quality Control

If your current Cleaning contractor has any one (or ALL!) of the above issues then you may want to give me a call. We can step in and save the day.

We would love to solve all the problems you are currently experiencing.

Just give us a call at 780 885 2551.

  • Fully insured & bonded
  • Family owned & operated
  • No obligation consultations

Whether it be daily / nightly, weekly, bi-weekly or any other timeframe, we will have trained and experienced staff ready with their own transportation to meet or exceed your needs in Edmonton Cleaning Service

Please note that although we specialize in cleaning, we are a building maintenance company that has equipment and staff to do a wide range of services as they may come up in your facility.

What we refer to as deep cleaning is applied or suggested when the need arises and special equipment is then used to complete any task including stripping, waxing, and scrubbing floors and windows inside and out, to get maximum results and life out of your investment.

We are confident in our ability to give you the cleanest working environment in today's marketplace. We understand that your image is important with your customers, but also employees' health and wellbeing can be conducive to a happy and efficient working environment.

Please contact us to find out about other services we can do for you.

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