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Hi David and Ciza,

When I picked up the phone and started calling around to all the different competitors, asking about quotes and what exactly was done and the details in completing this move out clean up job etc., I was not only impressed with your competitive pricing but also with the fact that someone from Simple Touch would come out and actually look at the place before giving a quote. It spoke volumes since it is very difficult to have another perceive what one's house is like and how messy it can get during a move. David, when I spoke to you, you were reassuring in letting me know what exactly was going to get done. You explained how much the carpets and the cleaning was in a total package which for me was terrific since then I got it all done at once. Your prices are very competitive and having years of experience in this industry, I was not confident that you can do the job to my satisfaction because I am very particular when it comes to cleaning. We also moved everything into the garage before the cleaning started in an effort on our part to have everything flow easier.

Ciza and her assistant came and started working on the place immediately and by the time it was completed the place could have been new, it was that well done! It was sparkling and shining through out the whole 2200 sq feet from top to bottom. Every nook and cranny was cleaned from the window sills to the baseboards. She took care to ensure the fridge was spick-and-span and the stove was absolutely immaculate! She checked things over as she went and made sure the job was fully complete before moving on. She was relentless in making sure that every corner and surface was impeccable and meticulous in her details of the job and was absolutely determined in doing the best she can in order to gain our full deposit back! And it definitely paid off! The guys came in and the carpets were beautifully done as we were astounded at the level of expertise by both teams working side by side in a full team effort. We got our full deposit back and so the team effort of all combined was well worth the investment!

  1. It saved us from having to do any of it which is the real benefit.
  2. Everything was accomplished within the amount of time promised.
  3. The prices are very competitive.
  4. Simple Touch is very familiar and knowledgeable about the Landlord and Tenant Board and what is expected on a move out.
  5. Simple Touch has a specific list in accordance with the Landlord Act regarding what in the house is specifically cleaned.
  6. Everything was completed in an extremely professional, timely and efficient manner.
  7. It was all finished to our level of satisfaction and exceeded our expectations.
  8. We did get our full deposit back, now there's something worth getting excited over!

So, all in all David and Ciza make a fantastic team that is proficient, professional, timely and that get the job done. Money so well spent that it refrained from any kind of assumptions and mishaps and misunderstanding between us (tenants) and the landlord.

Thank you very much all of you and we look to use your services again in the future!

All my best

Mel Gearing>

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that your team is doing some really good work around here. We are over the top pleased with the deep clean so far and can't wait to see the final project. I asked a few of the dock guys this morning how the dock washroom is coming along and they are very very pleased, I was told by one of the gentleman that "he has never seen the bathroom this clean".

Mark (the outside sales) upstairs called me yesterday and asked that I pass along he is so happy with the cleanliness of his office, again he has not ever seen it this clean. He really likes the fact that he can come into work and not sneeze all the time because his office is finally clean and not full of dust.

I feel that your crew deserves a BIG pat on the back and Hugh thank-you from everyone on our team for the hard work they are doing, it isn't easy keeping this building clean however with the progress I am seeing I would recommend Simple touch to everyone. Thanks again Dave for working so hard for us, I truly do appreciate it.

Amanda Grochmal
Canadian Freightways

The cubicles look great Dave. Once again I must say I am over the top happy with the service you are giving us. I'm sure the girls at night will appreciate having you guys start our one hour later tonight.

Amanda Grochmal
Canadian Freightways

We have been using Simple Touch for just about 1 year now. They have been very professional and the quality of their cleaning is superb! We understand that keeping our building clean proved a great challenge to the staff of Simple Touch. I have received a lot of positive feedback from our staff on how clean our building is now. It is great to come into our place of employment and it sparkles! Thank you for extreme attention to detail! I would highly recommend your company.

Carlee Nowicki

Simple Touch Building Maintenance Ltd" assisted our family in our time of need prior to listing our home. The service we received was very professional and personal. Siza is a very detail orientated individual. "Simple Touch Building Maintenance Ltd" will review with you what your needs are and then set a time that is convenient for you. I would highly recommend Siza for all your house cleaning needs


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